Don Jr. Interview Implodes On The View

Image via YouTube | Donald Trump Jr. on Who He Hopes Will Win Democratic Presidential Nomination | The View

Meghan McCain Challenges Donald Trump Jr. By Begging The Question: “Does All Of This Make You Feel Good?”

One of daytime’s biggest and best talk shows, The View, is typically a hot topic in media. The core five, female co-hosts (Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain, and Abby Huntsman) come from a variety of backgrounds and their political banter has been welcomed into homes, magazine covers, and even parodies on Saturday Night Live. The talk show has been dubbed the best political show on television as they continue to break barriers by having heated political conversations and guests. Today, for the first time ever, Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle took seats at the table to discuss Don Jr’s father’s administration and all things controversial. It’s safe to say it was… a circus. There is so much about the segment I’m not certain you can really begin anywhere, but let’s give it a try.


First, the hostility enters. After announcing Don Jr’s arrival to the table, Behar begins ranting – and everyone else joins in. You literally can barely hear a word anyone is saying because each individual knows they are in the ring and they want to box. Don Jr defends outing the Ukraine-Call whistleblower while Huntsman goes for the jugular. Don Jr is fast to mention that ABC, the network The View airs on, killed a story about deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein three years ago, which sets Goldberg off that he should stay on topic to his father’s presidency and actions over the last few years. Don Jr goes on to say that the “vicious” left (Democratic party/Liberals) doesn’t care his family has been threatened but instead is worried more about a whistleblower. Hostin doesn’t get much time to shine within the entire interview, but when she does, she continues to be the most level headed, bipartisan co-host at the table relying on facts and facts alone. She’s a lawyer who has crossed her T’s and dotted her I’s. But as a whole the interview is… well, it’s a disaster… check out the clip below to form your own view.

Next, a melancholy McCain carefully and slowly asks Don Jr the blatant lack of disrespect of his father’s administration makes him “feel good”. For the first time, and only for a moment, the stage is mature and quiet. Don Jr answers politely and calmly. Both Don Jr and Guilfoyle seem emotional when speaking to McCain, especially when the topic turns to her father, the late John McCain. While it doesn’t appear McCain accepts their apology, she asks both of them to “bring civility” back into The White House (and America). Goldberg asks if anyone is going to apologize, but the statement falls on deaf ears. Goldberg continues to fire at the due and reminds them Mitch McConnell declared Barack Obama will be a one term President. Goldberg is then reminded that the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, she said “we can kick his ass out” as shown in the video below:


Upon watching this segment live, I genuinely gasped at Don Jr stating bold facts against Behar and Goldberg. First, he calls out Behar for wearing blackface (Fact) and second he reminds Goldberg she once named disgraced director Roman Polanski’s rape allegations not, “rape, rape” (Fact). 

Finally, Don Jr tells that his family is giving back money from their foreign businesses into the United States treasury. He proclaims that he doesn’t care who runs against his father in 2020 as he believes Americans are happy and content with the Trump Administration, especially in middle America. After Behar takes a dig at his families wealth, Don Jr takes a shot at former Vice President Joe Biden, wondering if he knows what state he is on a given day. Don Jr speaks against cancel culture – the only thing Behar and himself agree on. During this segment, however, McCain looks like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar as Goldberg hits a bell on the table to pause the chaos. McCain coldly states “Stop with the bell” and Goldberg aggressively points at her to scold her before trying to steer the bonkers conversation. Check out the clip below:


Sheesh! What an all over the place interview!? It’s no wonder that The View is Twitter’s most trending topic today. What did you think of the hot mess interview today? Did anything actually get solved and was a conversation even had? I think it’s time to take an Advil…

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