Don Lemon Extinguishes Flames After “End Of An Era” Announcement

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Don Lemon freaked out his fans… with a simple title change?

CNN personality Don Lemon teased last Friday that he’s ending his show CNN Tonight with Don Lemon effective immediately. This included an ominous “end of an era” sentiment.


“Tonight I have an announcement about the show,” he said in the video recorded from his desk. “End of an era. Yep. Should I say that? So tune in tonight at 10 and I’ll tell you what’s up.”

Later that night, the tv host pfficially announced on air that he would be ending the show.


“It’s been really, really great,” he said. “This is the last night that will be CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. So, I appreciate all the years of CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, but changes are coming, and I will fill you in.”

For fans of Don Lemon and CNN, this announcement came as a shocking surprise. And some took it as a very unwelcome one.

“What do you mean it’s the last night? No way!!” wrote one Twitter user. “I watch you every night! As the song says, “What’s going on?” This can’t be happening! You said it wasn’t bad news!! This is bad news, Don!!”

Another Twitter user responded, “NO! I am not okay with it! You light up my life, I never miss your program. I depend on your perspective and vision to help me understand what’s going on. Please tell me you are continuing your excellent work as a first-class journalist!”


Seeing some of the concern popping up online, Don Lemon later clarified that the fears were unfounded. Lemon would not be leaving CNN. Instead, he’s simply changing the title of his show.

“Didn’t mean to set the internet on fire,” he wrote to Instagram the following morning. “What I said last night was true. CNN Tonight with Don Lemon is no more. I’ll be back on Monday with my newly named show Don Lemon Tonight. See you Monday at 10pE.”


So in the end, the announcement wasn’t anything but a simple title change. Don Lemon will continue to host a show on CNN at the same time as before. Only now, his name and presence are upfront and center. In addition, Lemon has a new podcast with Chris Cuomo titled The Handoff.

As relieving as that may be, we can’t help but think this announcement could have been handled better. Let’s hope he handles a future baby announcement, if he decides to act on his earlier reported parenting desires, better.

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  1. Ugh!!!! Don Lemon is just that, a “lemon”. A name change only, if it included a, not being a complete whiny bitch change, it would have gotten some mileage. Look up, “drama queen” and you will see her/his? face.


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