Don Lemon Is Out of a Job at CNN. What Led To His Demise?

Another Breaking News in the US media today, Don Lemon is leaving CNN and according to his Twitter feed, he was fired.  He posted the following statement:


The news comes after Variety broke a story earlier this month on allegations that he mistreated his female colleagues over the course of his career there.  They open their coverage mentioning the backlash he faced over comments he made earlier regarding Nikki Haley and her age. 

On more than one occasion, a “Live From” producer and a newsroom supervisor had to pull Lemon off the air during a commercial break because of the anchor’s provocative antics, not unlike his recent declaration that the 51-year-old Nikki Haley isn’t a viable presidential candidate because she “isn’t in her prime.” 

Some other fiery excerpts from the variety piece that seem to have built up to CNN not choosing to make lemonade out of lemons anymore are:

  • Those who worked with him say he was a shameless name dropper and left behind hints that he socialized with important people, like a hand-written note from Stedman Graham that he had taped on his computer. 
  • “As fast as you could make a rule, Don would bend it,” says one senior executive at the time. 
  • More troubling was his misogynistic behavior, multiple sources say. Lemon called one of his producers fat to her face. 
  • “That led to a come-to-Jesus moment,” says another senior executive from the era. “Don was told, ‘Look, you’ve got to address your behavior. Your performance as a reporter is great. It’s your behavior that’s gotta improve. It’s what’s going to derail you if you’re not careful.’” 

The Variety piece is a great and scandalous read!

What are your thoughts on this change? Was it a needed firing? Did someone get too big and too confident? More to come.

Source: Variety

6 thoughts on “Don Lemon Is Out of a Job at CNN. What Led To His Demise?”

  1. He was just TOO cocky and condescending, and had the wrong type of personality for what he did. We don’t like serious and “semi-cocky,” we like friendly and kind, like Sam what’s-his-name. (That gay blond weatherman.) Gibson?

  2. Without any knowledge of the other behaviours (boorish and downright rude, at best, misogynistic at worst) when I heard the comment about Nikki Haley, I felt so uncomfortable for everyone involved… especially him.

    He was trying to make a good point – Haley called Biden too old, and he was saying don’t throw stones, as many people would say she, at her age, was past her prime. I think it was a very legitimate argument to make – not that she, nor any woman, was necessarily past her prime at that age, but just to be careful what you say about others; but he did an absolutely horrendous job of saying it.

    In light of what else has come to the forefront, it really seems “icky” now.

    • Lemon is so incredibly cocky and condescending that I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did. It was SO apparent by his actions and demeanor that he thought he was indeed a special person.when a public service “celebrity” starts acting like Lemon does (did, thank god for the past tense) then they are doomed—- NO ONE is that special.

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  4. I find it awesome to have gay news anchors, so while he will be departing I hope they’ll hire another gay guy to take his place.

  5. He WAS the biggest embarrassment to the gay community as a ‘reporter’, period.

    Anderson Cooper has gotta go also. If only because he’s so goddamn BORING.


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