Donald Glover Writes What He Knows In ‘Swarm’ Peen Scene

Swarm & SNL Images

People always say, write what you know.  Apparently, the most recent full-frontal visual that was streamed into our living rooms was based on a real-life experience of Donald Glover.



Swarm comes from the creative mind of Donald Glover and explores the themes of fame and fandom in the 2020s. The series has been applauded by both fans and critics for its realistic portrayal of the negatives of stardom and fandom. 

Swarm can be as unpleasant as a hornet sting, but Dominique Fishback’s ferocious performance and the creators’ bold creative swings add up to a truly subversive take on toxic fandom.

Swarm, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, has also been noted to have given Billie Eilish her first acting opportunity and Malia Obama’s her first writing credit on a television series.


Oh, is that what the series was known for? Well now, moving forward, it’ll be remembered as the series that gave us a full-frontal shot of Rory Culkin.

The episode in question loops around to this bowl of fruit + man junk as Culkin’s character surprises the show’s heroine Dre (Dominique Fishback) the morning after their one-night stand by offering her a bowl of strawberries with a side of man genitals.\


How do you read for that part? And was that the climax of Culkin’s presence on the show? 

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“Donald told this very funny story about a girl who he really liked, and how after they hooked [up], he was standing there with a bowl of cherries, just being like, ‘Hey,'” –


Apparently Glover shared the above story with co-creator Janine Nabers and she decided to write it into the show. Cherries were replaced with strawberries to protect the innocent and to avoid revenge porn allegations. 

There were some that weighed in on the inclusion of the bowl+peen scene. 








Did we need a peen and berries? Will we see more in the future next to other things like a granola bar or an ice bucket or an iron? Are we just throwing penises in where we might need a filler or is there a reason for this dick shot to be here which we will find out in season 13?

On a personal note, we saw how Glover’s minds.  When I saw that odd juxtaposition, it flashed me back to “that” Starburst commercial. Both may be stuck in my head forever, rent free, but the eviction notice has been sent several times to that “berries and cream” boy. 


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