Donna Summer’s ‘I’m A Rainbow’ Is Recovered, Recoloured, & Remixed

Happy Pride indeed! The long-beloved (and criminally under promoted) album I’m A Rainbow by the legendary Donna Summer has been announced to be getting an official re-release, complete with remixes (both radio edits and extended versions). I’m A Rainbow-Recovered & Recolourered gives a much-deserved splash of color to an album that many die-hard Summer-fanatics consider to be one of her best in terms of vocals as well as lyrical content. 

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The history of I’m A Rainbow is that of musical lore. Emerging as one of the most iconic artists of the disco era, Donna Summer had signed with Geffen Records. When David Geffen himself visited the studio during the I’m A Rainbow recording sessions, he was not pleased with progress on the project. As composer and producer Harold Faltermyer recalls, “he was unhappy with what he had heard. There were only a few songs finished and most were in demo phase.” The project was cancelled, which also culminated in the dissolution of Summer’s relationship with the equally iconic Giorgio Moroder, with whom she had created some of her biggest hits. The project was released in 1996 with an 18-track CD, but with minimal promo, as some of the tracks had already leaked and die-hard fans were already familiar with them. 


Following the phenomenal success of the release of Donna Summer’s Encore, the tracks on I’m A Rainbow are also getting the remix treatment. Much-lauded remixers like Jean Tonique and Ladies On Mars are on board for the project, and the iconic Junior Vasquez returns to put his magical touch on another Summer classic (this time, the title track of the package). 

Donna Summer I’m A Rainbow Track Listing:

1. I’m A Rainbow [Junior’s Shiny Rainbow Edit] 4:13


2. I Believe (In You) (duet with Joe “Bean” Esposito) [Figo Sound Version] 4:45

3. Back Where You Belong [Jean Tonique Remix] 4:18

4. You To Me [Oliver Nelson Remix] 3:36

5. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina [Ladies On Mars ‘Buenos Aires’ Remix] 5:34


6. Sweet Emotion [Le Flex Remix] 3:43

7. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Remix] 4:42

8. Romeo [Ladies On Mars ‘Luv-NRG’ Remix] 3:38

9. Highway Runner [Ladies On Mars ‘Street Race’ Remix] 3:09


10. Leave Me Alone [Ladies On Mars ‘Independence’ Remix] 4:13 RADIO EDITS

11. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Remix – Radio Edit] 3:36

12. I Believe (In You) (duet with Joe “Bean” Esposito) [Figo Sound Radio Version] 3:00 EXTENDED MIXES

13. Highway Runner [Ladies On Mars ‘Street Race’ Extended Remix] 6:17


14. Brooklyn [Ladies On Mars ‘Child Of Rhythm’ Extended Remix] 6:52

15. Romeo [Ladies On Mars ‘Luv-NRG’ Extended Remix] 6:46

Photo Courtesy-Driven By The Music

Junior Vasquez himself talked to me about being recently acknowledged for his most recent work with Summer. “We were informed today that the Donna Summer – ‘Encore’ box set including my mix of ‘My Life’ has been shortlisted at the Music Week Awards 2021 for Catalogue Marketing Campaign. Just to be nominated is absolutely incredible, but to be amongst other iconic Artists, is the icing on the cake. Personally speaking, I’m absolutely thrilled to bits as it took the record company almost six years to get it all in place, so it’s great to see that the effort that everyone put in to making ‘Encore’ the success that it became, has been recognized. Here’s the shortlist. (Kudos to my business partner Chris for helping to make this all happen)!

Donna Summer-‘I’m A Rainbow-Recovered & Recoloured’ is available for pre-order here 

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11 thoughts on “Donna Summer’s ‘I’m A Rainbow’ Is Recovered, Recoloured, & Remixed”

  1. Donna Summer is one of few artists who got so many number one Club hits in many different decades…DJ’s got her material and give it a different spin and back to the Club charts again…just one example ‘Mac Arthur Park’ was a number one club hit again back in 2013…So you never know perhaps one of those mixes from this album back to the charts this year.

  2. I am a die hard fan since i was about 8 y o in jamaica and DONNA SUMMER was all over the country,….juke box,..,.. the radio… parties and just that she had such amazing voice and i was about 13 i heard the live album on the radio and i got completed hook and wanted to be a singer myself… I finally purchased im a rainbow when it was finally released and feel that a lot of songs on it i was not feeling it but about 8 or 9 should have been an album so i kinda feel how the record label felt. the two best should be remix and release as a album would be DONT CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA AND ROMEO would become a big hit singles…. and follow by more… im waiting to see how it is… DONNA SUMMER IS STILL THE GREATEST

    • Donna Summer got 14 top 10 hits between 1975-1989. We all know the big dance era of the 70’s but in the 80’s she tried different styles more Rock Wave as ‘The Wanderer’ so ‘I’m a Rainbow’ was the follow up album & all demos were presented to Geffen which many songs could have the potential to be improved but Geffen decided to hire Quincy Jones for her next album, She got her top 10 hit ‘Love is in Control’ in 1982 and I’m Rainbow was all forgotten until they released in 1996 for the fans but I still think many of those demos could have been re-worked at that time…Well…We finally got the nice treat to get some nice remixes…I think is a nice project.

      • Ew…..nasty bitter queen. Continue to sit behind your computer and spill your filth from mommies basement, stupid loser.

    • Don’t count her out. She has millions of adoring fans (worldwide) who will be honoring the 10th year anniversary of her passing away next year on May 17th. It takes time for an album/single to reach its peak. So, the perfect storm is brewing for new Donna Summer remixes. We are all so saddened that she’s gone and we will purchase anything that is released. So, watch out charts…. here she comes again!

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  4. Jackass!! @Tyler Donna Summer is one of the most prolific Singer Songwriters of the modern era of music …. If it wasn’t for “I Feel Love” there would be no Techno, EDM,House,or Electronica music

      • And it’s because of dickheads like you that today’s youth is going down in shambles. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself before posting stupid sh*t and making a complete @ss of yourself. That is unless you are too busy sucking on mommy’s titties for some milk.


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