Doritos Mexico Celebrates Valentine’s Early with Queer Love Advert

Valentine’s Day came early for the LGBTQ+ community, as Doritos Mexico celebrates queer love in their new advert.

(c) YouTube: Doritos Mexico

The ad, titled BOLD LOVE, is the fifth installment of their #OrgulloTodoElAño (Pride All Year) campaign, which aims to provide visibility for the LGBTQ+ community beyond the Pride month. The advert starts with two women in the car, holding hands.


One of them looks lovingly at her partner, and then she tells her:

“I love you so much.”

“How much?,” her partner responds, and she answers:

“I’d bring down the moon and the stars for you.”


“No, seriously. What would you do for me?,” her partner, who was driving, asks again.

And this time, she responds with a more realistic and (even more) heartwarming answer:

“I’d kiss you in front of everyone, without caring if people stare, or whatever may happen.

I’d introduce you to my family as my girlfriend, even if my parents or grandmother stop talking to me, I don’t care.”

The woman continued on with her earnest assertions, and even talks about getting married, even if “half the guests don’t show up.” Then came the reality of statics, noting that 33% of the LGBTQ+ community has experienced discrimination at their workplace, and 76% of the community avoids showing affection in public.


You can watch the heartwarming advert here:


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