Dove Cameron’s ‘Boyfriend’ Is The Queer Anthem We Have Waited For

Liv and Maddie star Dove Cameron rides a motorcycle into queer fandom in the video for her latest song, Boyfriend. The pop banger is already being embraced by the LGBTQ community and Cameron herself an icon for young queer people everywhere.


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The 26-year-old stunner has been in the public eye for years, winning a Daytime Emmy award for her role on the Disney Channel comedy series. She also stars in the smash superhero Descendants movie series. Regularly interacting with her over 46 million Instagram followers, Boyfriend is an anthem for the ages.


The openly queer Schmigadoon actress spoke to Out Magazine about Boyfriend and the meaning behind the lyrics saying,

“The song itself is like a story within a story, hence the opening lyrics of, ‘I can’t believe we’re finally alone. I can’t believe I almost went home. What are the chances everyone’s dancing, and he’s not with you?’ There’s a whole lot that led up to that. The lyrics sound casual, and they are not, is all I’m going to say. But it’s not only a very specific recount of a night, it’s also just an amalgamation of growing up queer and the horrible, painful, longing for a girl who’s in a relationship or pining after or interested in a man, who can’t see the fullness and the magic of who this woman is.”


The Hairspray Live! star also discussed how being queer affects her art and music, 

“Every song I’ve ever released is obviously from a queer perspective because I’m queer. But this is the first one that has been blatantly and loudly queer. And I think that accident of me writing this song and having it grassroots blow up on the internet and then the label scrambling to put it out has just been really informative for me. It’s like, Okay, I can occupy this space. And it’s safe, and I’m allowed to be the fullness of who I am, and I can survive it. And not only that, but I can create from there, and it can go well.”



The Barely Lethal actress crafted the video to specifically focus on queer love explaining,

“I wanted it to feel like a real queer love story that you saw unfolding. I wanted it to feel sexy, but from a queer woman’s perspective, not male gaze. And I wanted it to feel authentic. I wanted you to feel the energy between these two women.”

Watch the video for Boyfriend below.







Sources: Out

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  1. I only see another “queer” female singer doing mostly the same so many other female “queer” singers do, nothing original, always presenting straight and gay man like antagonists, always comparing themselves to men and how they are better, nothing new. And nothing worth or representative for a gay/bi/queer male.


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