Dr. Brad Schaeffer On Fame, Coming Out & His “Modern Family”

Pride month historically is known as a time when we all can reflect on our own Pride, while paying homage to those that came before us and blazed the paths we’re privileged to walk on. This June, a reality television star decided to start blazing some trails of his own; Dr. Brad Schaeffer (famed surgeon of TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me) officially came out as a gay man. He spoke at length to Today about his decision to go public saying “For a while there, I didn’t think I would fit in,” he said. “We’ve all struggled with fitting in in some way — but there is a place for you. It took time, but I’m happy and so confident and excited to openly discuss this in a public forum”. For Schaeffer, struggling to reconcile his a strong Christian upbringing and an early marriage to his college sweetheart Cara Cohen are part of his story, but ultimately he now is looking towards a bright future with his own partner of ten years Sean, with a supportive family and friends. 


Sports and athleticism are two of the biggest tentpoles of Schaeffer’s life, with a Philadelphia Phillies game tailgate session serving as the backdrop for his own coming out to his father. While there were tears, it went well, as his father had already accepted his own brother’s revelation of being gay. Coming from an athletic family, Schaeffer was a natural to compete on NBC’s Titan Games in 2019, where he went up against other physically astounding athletes in the high-powered competition show (Schaeffer made it all the way to the semi-finals)! 

During the current phase of his life, Brad is blessed to be able to count on his best friend-his ex-wife Cara Cohen. Several years after their divorce, Cohen remarried and has two children of her own, Max who is 5, and Mason who is 3. who “Uncle Brad” occasionally watches. Cohen has deep pride of her own for Schaeffer’s journey, saying “He doesn’t hide (being gay) but now that he has this platform, maybe his story will help others who are struggling to come out feel like it’s OK,” she added. “Like, if he can do it, so can you”. Schaeffer’s adoration for both Cohen and her family is obviously mutual; he says “She’s still my best friend,” Schaeffer said. “To this day, we have an extremely solid relationship. She has two beautiful boys I watch every now and then. We just have a very nice, modern family.”

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