Drag Legend Peppermint & Hip-Hop Star Cazwell Talk About Their New EP ‘Blend’

Could this collaboration be any sweeter? Drag legend (and finalist on RuPaul's Drag Race season 9) Peppermint and hip-hop star Cazwell have joined forces to create a sickening EP called Blend.

The EP, which consists of three high-energy tracks, was just released on Friday to a ton of great response from critics and fans alike, who see these songs as being major hits at the clubs coming spring and summer.  The NYC-based performers have a busy couple of months ahead of them, both together and on their own, but they will no doubt make sure that Blend will be your go to EP for gay pride and beyond.

I spoke with both of them this week on what brought them together to work on this project, their favorite tracks, Peppermint's upcoming stint on the Broadway stage and so much more.  Take a look. 

What inspired the two of you to collaborate on this project?

Peppermint: We've always been two peas in a pod. It's as if we were separated at birth. We have the same hip-hop sensibility and we've always loved the same music from Biggie to Lil’ Kim to Prince and Madonna. This flavor of musical collaboration was always the next step. 

Cazwell: Peppermint and I have worked on a couple of tracks together over the past 10 years and we wanted to do a collection of songs, so we put together this three song EP. We want to do something that had meaning for us but  we could also play at the clubs.

There are three songs off the EP.  Can you tell us how each came about?

Peppermint: “Blend” is very personal, we wanted to have a song that was uplifting and talked about the pressures in the trans community to fit in and blend. 

Cazwell: “Blend: is a contemporary pop song transanthem. “Harlem Cleopatra” is more of a house track that explores the darker side of being trans and living in the city. “Turning It” is just a feel-good dance track about staying positive no matter what.

Do you have a favorite of the three, and why?

Peppermint:  I've been living the life of a fly girl in Harlem for years now. I've always wanted to put out a song about it. 

Cazwell: Right now, my favorite song on the album is “Harlem Cleopatra”. I’m really happy with the rap performances on the track and the hook is killer.

For Peppermint: is music something you want to primarily focus on in the future, outside of your starring role on Broadway?

Peppermint:  Music has always been my first love. Cazwell was actually a guest on my first single that I released in 2007, " Serving It Up!" I've made a couple of full length albums since then and I definitely don't plan on stopping. Music is my life.

Do you both plan on doing some tour dates to support the EP?

Cazwell: As soon as I can peel Peppermint off Broadway we will be doing some tour dates, but probably closer to August.

Peppermint:  Although I am preparing for a debut in the new Broadway musical, Head Over Heels, we are definitely planning some touring: this spring on the west coast and summer on the east coast!

Besides the fabulous music, what other things do you both have planned coming up this year?

Peppermint: I have a new YouTube show called "Pep Talks" where I interview drag race queens. 

Cazwell: We are going to be dropping a video for every song on the EP. I am dropping a few new songs and videos for the summertime so look out for them.

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