Drag Legend Sherry Vine Announces New TV Series

International drag superstar Sherry Vine will return to glittering television screens on May 25th with her brand new series, The Sherry Vine Variety Show.

Inspired by great variety show legends of the 1970s, Vine and director John Mark update the format with raucous comedy, show-stopping musical numbers, and hilarious sketches.


“As a child, I was obsessed with Carol Burnett and the variety shows of the 70s,” Vine said. “Working on this show, with the unbelievably talented cast and crew, is literally a dream come true.”

The Sherry Vine Variety Show will invigorate and reimagine the classic TV variety show standard set, similar to the likes of Sonny and Cher and Carol Burnett. The show will also be jam packed with iconic special guests such as Alec Mapa and Candis Cayne, and some of the world’s top drag entertainers including Bianca Del Rio, Jackie Beat, Bob the Drag Queen, and Alaska Thunderfuck. 


“I’m thrilled to have been a part of this project by my hilarious and incredibly talented old old old friend, Sherry Vine!” Del Rio said. “Compared to an abortion, this was fun! The skits are rotted and hysterical. Everyone with a sense of humor needs to watch this show.”

With almost 30 years in the business, Vine has earned the admiration and respect of being a drag legend. The Sherry Vine Variety Show is produced by PEG for OUTtv and will be available exclusively on the OUTtv Apple TV Channel in the U.S. and Canada.

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