Drag Queen Shares Grandma’s Reaction To Her New Look

Image via TikTok @TwinkTrash

We love family members supporting their LGBTQ children and grandchildren. And one trending video is showing us a beautiful scene of just that.

TikTok user and drag performer TwinkTrash posted a video of her grandmother on the social media platform. The video, which has garnered over a million views and likes, shows the queen in a stunning costume. She then cuts the video to her grandmother and reveals it was her that taught the queen how to sew.


“Love her so much,” the drag performer wrote to caption the video. She explained further in the video that every time she creates a new costume, she makes sure to get her grandmother’s approval. The grandmother then often photographs the looks and shares the pictures “with her Church friends.”


love her so much 🥲 follow my IG (twinktrash) if you want to support my drag 🙂 #drag #dragqueen #dragrace #rpdr #fyp #foryou

♬ im so proud of you – 🪴

Again, the video has been received with love and support, just like the love TwinkTrash has received from her grandmother. Over 6300 comments have flooded the video with words of kindness.


“This made me cry,” wrote one TikTok user. “The genuine happiness and excitement for your creations.”

“My son is finding his identity and loves to wear my clothes,” another shared. “He looks better in them than me. This is goals.”

TwinkTrash then responded to that last comment with the words, “It brings me so much joy that there are parents like you.”

If you want to see more of TwinkTrash’s content, they post other drag videos on TikTok and reveal their many stunning looks. Their Instagram account is also full of fun and fashion.

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