Drag Queen Peppermint Help Endorse Teens Push To Modernize Sex Education

I went through sex education back in the early 2000's. It wasn't really comprehensive and not even really sexual education. It was more based on what to expect during puberty and how to take care of personal hygiene. It barely touched on the topic of masturbation, let alone sex. Safe sex was barely touched on, and the fear of STI's is what was used to encourage an abstinence only approach.

This Pennsylvania high schooler, is looking to change sex education in his state, and even has the endorsement of Drag Queen Peppermint.

KC Miller, President of Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education (Keystone CASE), and a 17 year old gay high schooler wants to see sex education catch up with the 21st Century. Most sex education programs are not inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. Also, Pennsylvania hasn't had an update to its sexual education requirements since 2002.

Miller says of sex education and Peppermint's endorsement: 

"One of the biggest problems with sex education programs in Pennsylvania and across the Nation is their lack of inclusivity for LGBTQ+ students. I am glad Peppermint agreed to meet with us today, because while Pride is partly a celebration, it has alway been political. Having her support means the world to us.”

Miller has written his own legislation called the Pennsylvania Healthy Youth Act. It pulls from the successful California Healthy Youth Act and  would enact comprehensive sex education statewide while reforming the abstinence-only and abstinence-based models traditionally used by Pennsylvania public schools.

See Peppermints Endorsement of the Program Below:

H/T: Keystone CASE

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