Oh My Hunty! Raven Shows Steve Harvey A Lot Of Leg On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Credit: YouTube

So far in 2020 we’ve had season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Secret Celebrity Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5. As host RuPaul would say, “I hope you’re hungry”, because fans of the show got another tasting of what has made it so iconic when five of its most legendary stars (Ru included) appeared on Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday, June 14. 

Ru, alongside judges Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley and past contestants Raven and Latrice Royale, made up the RPDR team who were playing against cast members from the Freeform series The Bold Type


Host Steve Harvey spent a great deal of time with Ru and crew during the 1st segment of the show which was nothing short of absolutely hilarious to witness. Their chat started out pretty regular with Steve giving Ru a bunch of compliments before things took a turn for the hysterical when he introduced the rest of the cast. 

Steve, for lack of the better word, was stunned after getting an eyeful of Latrice and Raven. “You ain’t never seen this before,” Michelle joked. Carson only made things more, how shall we say, uncomfortable for him moments later. 

“You’re a vision in toasted plum, I love it,” the former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star remarked about Steve’s suit. “That ain’t even necessary,” he responded. “When I put this on this is not what I see.”


RuPaul also made everyone tear up laughing when the game finally began. Steve asked him and The Bold Type star Katie Stevens a question that he wasn’t able to finish because Ru buzzed in beforehand. “Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without,” Steve said which Ru then interpreted as, “Name a way a woman can flirt with a man without him thinking that she’s a whore.” LOL! 

Steve, again, was stunned. Ru did give an answer to his own question: “by batting her eyelashes.” Turns out it was the number one response leaving Steve in a state of total shock. The actual question was how a woman can flirt with a man without physical contact. 


Other highlights from the Drag Race cast on Celebrity Family Feud included the following:

  • Carson claiming he spanked comedian Sinbad back in the day.
  • Raven showing Steve a lot of leg in response to the question at hand.
  • Steve having an interesting moment with Latrice Royale.
  • Steve also admitting that this may be his last Family Feud taping after all the funny chaos.


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