‘Drag Race España’ Crowns Spain’s First Drag Superstar!

Drag Race España has had it’s share of gag-worthy moments and eye-popping runway moments this season, but with the elimination of Pupi Posson this last week, we are officially in the home stretch. The Final Three-Carmen Farala, Killer Queen, and Sagittaria-are ready to battle it out for the crown and that has us looking back at the inaugural and spectacular first season! 

Arantza giving Elle Woods realness as she struts down the runway in a Legally Blonde inspired look for the ‘Aggressive Executive’ runway

The queens certainly knew that “La biblioteca” was open as they took turns reading the house down during the reunion

Carmen Farala donned a self-confident & ultra glam, Kardashian-inspired look during the ‘Aggressive Executive’ runway 


Hugáceo Crujiente sings along with her fellow queens as she looks back at her own elimination during the reunion-

Arantxa Castillo’s endlessly iconic laugh-

The glamorous judges showing off their own wild sides in unseen moments-

The queens run through their own favorite runway looks with a game of ¿Monada o Cagada? (Toot Or Boot) 

The final four race to serve a makeup lewk-without mirrors-that they had to put together with no mirrors and three minutes (here), Sagittaria stuns the runway in a look inspired by pop princess Ariana Grande’s iconic hairstyle (here), the first-ever Spanish Snatch Game (here), and Arantxa and Killer Queen discussing the challenges of telling family and friends about doing drag (here). 

In the end though, there could only be one winner. Spanish drag superstar Carmen Farala rose to the top and snagged the crown and title of Spain’s First Drag Superstar! 

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