Drag Race: France Alumni to Sashay Away from Zombies

Photo Credit: AMC

13 Years. 11 Seasons. 8 Spin-offs. After all this time, The Walking Dead Universe is about to showcase its first drag queen.

On July 21, the latest trailer for upcoming spin-off Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon dropped online. The series will follow fan-favorite Daryl Dixon, played by Normal Reedus, as he washes ashore in France with no memory of how he arrived there. What unfolds is a wonderful and terrifying journey as he tries to find his way back home. 


Let’s take a look at the advanced preview.

Clemence Poesy, Adam Nagaitis, Anne Charrier and Eriq Ebouaney will also co-star alongside Normal Reedus… and Drag Race alumni Paloma? 

Photos leaked online of the 32-year-old performer, who won RuPaul’s Drag Race: France season one in 2022, on-set with Walking Dead icon Normal Reedus. 


According to sources, Paloma has joined the spin-off in an unspecified role, as a drag performer named Coco. It is unconfirmed whether she will briefly appear in one episode or have a larger role in multiple arcs. 

If you watch the Darryl Dixon preview above, I started the video just as Coco appears on screen. 


Paloma becomes the first drag queen to feature in The Walking Dead Universe. However, the series’ creators have never been shy about showcasing LGBT characters. To name a few – Aaron, Eric (RIP), Tara (RIP), Althea, Jesus (RIP) and many more.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon premieres September 10, 2023 on AMC.

Will you be watching? 

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