Drag Race Is Coming To Canada!

Canadian drag queen Brooke Lynn Hytes after her famous like “The Queen of the North is here.” / Image via VH1

Drag Race is spreading its reach to a whole new country.

It looks like Drag Race is officially international. After the popular competition series made its way to Thailand last year, it was announced that the UK wanted to have its own version too. But it looks like these two programs will have some company, as Canada is joining the party.

Yes, it’s been announced that a Canadian version of Drag Race will be airing with 10-episodes.

As RuPaul announced through a press statement:

“I am proud to announce that the Drag Race family is expanding as Crave is about to begin production on Drag Race Canada. The panel and judges will be from the Great White North, representing Canada’s very best. This new franchise has my whole-hearted blessing. Good luck… and don’t puck it up!”

While the release date for episode one hasn’t been announced yet, we do know that casting for the first group of drag queens, to grace this Canadian version of the show, won’t start till later this summer.

“Canadian drag is world class and we could not be more excited to bring these artists and their stories to Crave,” said Sam Sniderman of production company Blue Ant Studios. “We are thrilled to be working with WOW on this legendary and game-changing global format.”

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