Drag Race Keeps Sticking It To Sherry Pie

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After Winning The Latest Drag Race Episode, Sherry’s Cash Prize Is Donated To The Trevor Project

The Sherry Pie wheel keeps on turning. As you probably already know, Instinct Magazine first publicized the strange catfishing allegations against current RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Sherry Pie AKA Joey Gugliemelli. After speaking with first accuser, aspiring actor Ben Shimkus, almost ten others followed suit that Sherry had connected them to a casting director who asked for sexually charged audition videos from them. Shimkus originally made his public allegations against Sherry after learning that she reaches the top four in the competition – where she would compete live in a grand finale to decide the winner. In the end, it was revealed to be Sherry pretending to be the casting director. It was a very odd tale and perhaps has been the biggest news story to ever originate from Drag Race. After the allegations went viral and Sherry released a statement apologizing to the victims, RuPaul, VH1, and World of Wonder made a great call and disqualified the New York camp queen from the competition. But, it doesn’t end there.


If your eyes were glued to your devices last night, you know that Sherry (who is in her 20s, not 40s) won the latest episode with her improv abilities. It was her first win, but in the previous episode she placed in the top two. Obviously, Sherry’s talent stands out and if she wasn’t disqualified, would be the front runner in the competition. If you’re up to date with spoiler websites or have loudmouth friends, you know that it’s heavily rumored Sherry does incredibly well in the competition and wins a handful of challenges. It’s why the production team behind Drag Race had to make a fast move – their show stealer is a predator. Not only disqualifying Sherry would be the end – they are truly trying to bury her appearance and glory.

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Despite being able to edit out Sherry as much as possible – she didn’t receive any confessionals and barely spoke in the episode – she still won yesterday’s episode. However, as we can all assume since she’s been disqualified, all of her winning prizes are up for grabs. For her first win, she was rewarded five grand in cash. In a swift move, Drag Race made a disclaimer at the end of the episode that Sherry’s five thousand would be donated to The Trevor Project. This season is incredibly interesting to watch to see how the show is exactly editing her out and now we’ll be on our toes waiting to see what other prizes will be offered up. Do you think they’ll be giving away an Al and Chuck Travel Agency round trip vacation for two?! Time will tell.

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  1. The statement didn’t say Sherry’s money went to the charity. The statement read that $5000 was donated. Sherry got her money and they matched it for the charity. You’re reading too much into the statement.


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