‘Drag Race’ Winner, Raja, Marries Husband in Surprise Wedding

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 winner, Raja, married his one-year boyfriend Ryan Turner in a surprise wedding in Norwalk, California late last week. The make-up artist, drag queen, and slaying chameleon met his boyfriend online three years ago where they had a digital platonic relationship until Raja was in Toronto for a gig and ran into Ryan–and the rest is history.


Yep I’m married I love you @ryan_paul_turner this image by @marielgraphics !

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Raja, whose name is Sutan Amrullspoke with Hornet to share about why their wedding was such a secret:

We did the City Hall thing. It all happened very rapidly. We decided a long time ago that we were gonna do it. We pretty much knew from the get go that we were gonna marry each other. We just decided one day, ‘Let’s just fucking do it.’ So we found out where to go, filled out all the right paperwork, and then decided to do it immediately.


I mean–in the name of RuPaul's Drag Race: Fashion Photo RuView–these grooms' looks are definite Shooooooots!

The municipal nuptials were quick and intimate, with Raja's closest friends and family in attendance.

The city gave us several different options of where we could [get married], and there’s limited days where you can go in. We wanted to do it as soon as possible, and the next available opportunity was in Norwalk. I was like, ‘OK, that’s hood as fuck. Let’s go to Norwalk. It was a good spot, too, because my family lives in Orange County, and I have friends in Long Beach and L.A.


It's so exciting to see that one of my favorite queens–who I remember watching when I would go to my first gay club OZZ in Buena Park–has found love. Raja has always been a rebel, swim upstream, eclectic soul and this beautifully personal marriage is proof, that for Raja and his husband, what matters the most is that they are in love–and that is perfection!

Oh–and the day couldn't have been complete without RPDR Season 3 Heathers Manila Luzon and Delta Work!


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