Drag Race’s AJA & Boyfriend Kicked Out Of Lyft!

Drag Race’s AJA & Boyfriend Kicked Out Of Lyft!

Claims ‘Being Gay’ Was The Reason!

Really, girl?

You may be familiar with RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, AJA. She appeared on the latest season of Drag Race and will be participating in the next All Stars series next year. Aja is known for being a social media queen, serving us dangerous lip synchs, and her rant about being perfect; which is likely to have ultimately caused Valentina to be as popular as she is. Recently, Aja’s name is reappearing – not for falling off stage – but because her and her boyfriend, whose Twitter handle is literally, “@AjaBoyfriend” – #Goals? – are claiming they were kicked out of a Lyft for “being gay”.

Ahem, AJA – may you please allow me to take the words out of your mouth?

AJA’s boyfriend took to Twitter, the only place where everyone gets a voice, to speak about an alleged incident involving a Lyft driver and the couple. Apparently, after kissing, the driver kicked Aja and her boyfriend out of the car. It’s time stamped at 9:55PM PST on December 11th. Check out the tweet below:


The time stamp leads me to believe that these two were leaving a club after drinking. Lyft reached out to Aja’s Boyfriend so they could record the incident. Some of Aja’s fans are outraged over the alleged exchange. But, girl – I understand that homophobia is alive and well in society – trust me. However, do you think it may not have been the best idea to be kissing in a stranger’s car? I wouldn’t dare go into someone else’s home – as a grown adult (and reality star) – and begin making out with my partner. There are some things you just don’t do simply because you can. I think her boyfriend claiming the incident was “for being gay” is an insult for times when people are harmed for literally being gay.

Do you believe Aja and her Boyfriend are in the right? Should Lyft have reprimanded the driver or the passengers? What’s your Instinct?

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4 thoughts on “Drag Race’s AJA & Boyfriend Kicked Out Of Lyft!”

  1. As a straight reading my first article I stopped to check your bias assuming this was a right wing psyop against the gay community. Are you for fucking real? This is the left? That gays shouldn’t kiss and otherwise loose their right to access a business.

    Had you perhaps framed it with skepticism that it was just a kiss and insinuated they did really something naughty, well, that would be fucked up too. Really should have got the rideshares side of the story before you wrote this. What the ever loving fuck?

    • I meant to say “wasn’t just a kiss”. Like if your judgement was on exhibitionism that’s one thing (a thing not based on any reports we have) but to take it as face value they only kissed and defending the way they were treating is just accepting and perpetuating that gays are second class citizens

    • at 1 in the morning probably. Why people pick up strangers at 1 in the morning is beyond me though. When letting strangers into your car, drunk kissing really shouldn’t be the main concern here.


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