Drag Star Eureka O’Hara Gave Zachary Quinto A Drag Makeover


Ever wondered what Zachary Quinto looks like while in drag? Well, wonder no more as a recent video just solved that mystery.


The famous Broadway and TV star sat down with famous drag star Eureka O’Hara to get some makeup tips and a full makeover.

While getting the makeover, Quinto shared that he has done drag before for a college theatre gig. The two also talked about Quinto’s childhood, being a gay youth, coming out, and working in the entertainment business.

Whether you’re looking to hear the best makeup tips from a pro, to get to know Zachary Quinto a little better, or to see what he looks like in drag, this video’s got you cover. Go check it out below.

Oh, and for the record, Quinto’s drag persona is Noa Fence, so write that down as claimed.

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