Drag Superstar Adore Delano Releases First Single “Negative Nancy”

It hasn't been the easiest time lately for Adore Delano, who has had a bit of a tumultuous year with a lawsuit against her management and quitting All Stars 2 in a dramatic yet understandable fashion.  Now, Adore is ready to PARTY (enjoy the puns) and change things up a bit as she released the video for her first single called "Negative Nancy"!



Adore has been more successful than any other Drag Race girl in terms of music (and maybe career wise), with both of her albums making waves on the Billboard charts and earning the status as the most beloved Drag Race contestant of all time.  The song and video for "Negative Nancy" will definitely continue this for her, as she personifies her punk rock persona throughout and stays true to her word about being who she in this industry and making no apologies for it.

Adore has such an interesting aesthetic in this video as well as the song that goes along with it, it's almost androgynous to a certain degree.  It's sort of like if Tommy Lee Roth and Lita Ford had a baby and made Adore… in the best way possible.  The hard rock edge to Adore is something that is really uncommon in the music scene today, and easily makes her standout as her voice can carry how hard the song can get which blends perfectly with the video.

She's referencing someone in the video that brings her to the discussion on why she's considered a "Negative Nancy", but who is it?  That's left open to interpretation but that is up for her fans to figure out.  Overall, the Baseball theme mixed with her locker room antics and hard beat make this a great song and one that I hope will catapult her onto the charts again and bring her a whole new slew of fans.

Link to video here

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