Drew Tarver Spills the Tea on Iconic Gay Role in ‘The Other Two’

Drew Tarver is currently starring as Cary Dubek in the comedy series ‘The Other Two,’ which is now on its third season.

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Cary is an iconic and unapologetic gay character who is willing to go to great lengths as an aspiring actor. The show’s synopsis reads:


“An aspiring actor and his sister Brooke, a former professional dancer, try to find their places in the world while wrestling with their feelings about their 13-year-old brother Chase’s sudden rise to internet fame.”

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Now in Season 3, Cary has a lot more in store for the viewers, including more stripping down, as well as “going full villain” in the show. Cary struggles to initiate intimacy with his boyfriend, and is showing a bit more skin compared to the previous seasons.

“I’m glad that during the pandemic I did more pushups. In previous seasons, he’s been a little in his head about love. I enjoy that he’s a little bit more in his body sexually, and that means me showing a little more thigh or a little more shoulder,” Tarver told Vanity Fair.

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He added,

“If that means I got to show a hairy nipple, I got to show it.”

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Moreover, the actor shared his experience in portraying Cary who goes “full villain” in Season 3.

“This season is more surreal, and the swings are bigger. Going full villain in the third season has been a very fun thing to play, and try to pull it off and be like, Can I bring an audience along with this character, this far into Walter White-esque [territory]?,” Tarver expressed.

Not to mention, Cary books the role of Globby, which is “an anthropomorphic mucus.” In the show, faux Disney executives said that Globby is “involved in the studio’s first-ever explicitly gay scene.”

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A lot of viewers are truly loving ‘The Other Two,’ including Soraya Roberts of Defector who has nothing but good words to say about the comedy series.

“The Other Two is so good it’s hard to tell how much is down to the writing, how much to the directing (Kelly helms the majority of the episodes), and how much to the acting.”

On that note, you can watch ‘The Other Two’ on HBO Max (if you’re not already watching it).

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  1. This show is one of my top 10 favorite gay shows ever. So glad I randomly came across it in 2019. I feel like it wasn’t advertised well because I had never heard of it until like I said randomly found it.


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