‘Drifter’ Tells a Young Man’s Whirlwind Story of Sexual Exploration

‘Drifter’ is the debut feature of Berlin filmmaker and software developer, Hannes Hirsch. The film’s official trailer was recently released, and it shows a glimpse of a young gay man’s journey to finding himself and “a kind of second coming out.”

(c) Website: salzgeber.de/drifter

Hirsch’s movie navigates through “loneliness, excesses and kinks.” The narrative and characters pose questions about gay body images and non-heteronormative (elective) kinship, and it also depicts Berlin’s current LGBTQ+ community.


‘Drifter’s synopsis reads:

“Moritz (22) follows his boyfriend Jonas to Berlin only to be abandoned by him within a few weeks. For some time, he finds security with the older Noah, but then moves on. He changes his looks and dives into the city’s vibrating techno world. He learns to express his repressed desires, but he also starts to lose himself in drugs and emotional alienation. With the help of his queer friends, Moritz develops his own ideas of sexuality and masculinity, leading him a little closer to himself.”

(c) Website: salzgeber.de/drifter

The LGBTQ+ film is included at the Berlinale 2023, as well as the International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg. Moreover, the cast includes Lorenz Hochhuth, Cino Djavid, Gustav Schmidt, Marie Tragousti, Oscar Hoppe, Cat Jugravu, Aviran Edri, and Alexandre Karim Howard.


You can watch ‘Drifter’s trailer here:

Sources: hanneshirsch.de, salzgeber.de/drifter, screendaily.com

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  1. Seems to be hella gay movies coming out soon, this one and Punch, Rotting in the Sun, Of an Age, Rustin, Good Grief, Red White & Royal Blue, Fellow Travelers & They Both Die at the End. I know there’s even more than that but these are a few that I could remember off the top of my head.


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