Dua Lipa Hits Playhouse Bar In New York City & Hits The Dance Floor

While pop artists definitely know that appealing to the LGBT community with their music and their merchandise is a fairly smart business practice, it’s not often that you’ll see these same artists joining us on the dance floor. That is though, exactly what has happened recently with artist of the moment Dua Lipa. The “One Kiss” songstress dropped into newly minted New York hotspot Playhouse several times in the past few weeks. 

While both Pieces and Hardware Bar have been privy to visits from luminaries like Adele and Jennifer Lawrence (as well as Dua Lipa) in recent months, Lipa’s visit to Playhouse recently was especially amazing, as she took to the dance floor for her own hit of the moment, the infectiously glorious “Don’t Stop Now”. Jon Ali shared an Instagram story simply titled “A Fan”. It shows Lipa hitting the dance floor to not only her own track (and to take part in a dance battle with Ali), but to the Pussycat Dolls’ “Dont Cha” with Ali as well. 

Predictably, the community is abuzz with the possibility that they could actually see one of their favorite pop stars at their favorite nightspot. For Lipa though, supporting the community simply seems like business as usual. She was a vocal opponent of Brazil’s ultra anti-LGBT presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, and her song “Swan Song” was inspired by the “brilliant minds” of LGBT founded group ACT UP.

Check out Playhouse Bar’s full roster of events here

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