Duke University Denies Christian Group Over Policy

The student senate at Duke University denied a Christian group the group has anti-LGBTQ policies. Image via Duke Energy

The Duke University student senate won’t tolerate discrimination which is why they denied a Christian group the ability to become an official student group at the university due to the group’s anti-LGBTQ policies, reports ABC

Student senators voted unanimously that the group Young Life should not become a group because Duke policy states that groups have to include a nondiscrimination statement in order for it to receive funding and recognition. The group said that LGBTQ people are welcome in the group but can’t “serve as staff or volunteers.” This is in clear violation of Duke’s policy as it excludes LGBTQ people from any higher position than a regular member. 

Terry Swensen, the spokesman for Young Life, has said that the group is willing to change their policy so that it conforms to Duke University’s standards, which is definitely refreshing because many groups are unwilling to have any inclusivity and, as such, discriminate against those who do not adhere to what the group believes. It’s also refreshing to know that the Duke student senate won’t bend to the will of a group just because a group has a religious affiliation. 

Source: ABC

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