Dustin Lance Black and Stuart Milk Discuss Harvey Milk’s Legacy, LGBTQ Activism, and Presidential Election

Dustin Lance Black and Stuart Milk (Photo Credit: Black- screenshot of a video from Tom Daley Official YouTube channel and Milk- Sophie Lamberts)

On Tuesday, Dustin Lance Black had an in-depth conversation on Instagram with Stuart Milk, nephew of gay activist Harvey Milk and founder/ president of the Harvey Milk Foundation.  The duo discussed the legacy of Harvey Milk and the importance of this year’s presidential election.

During their talk, Black posed the question: “What would Harvey Milk be doing right now politically if he were still alive?”


Stuart Milk answered:

“The one thing that Harvey always gravitated towards was a positive message, an inclusive message… and we’ve got one candidate in this race who is doing that.”

Stuart goes on to talk on how Biden never diminishes other people or never hear him separating and dividing people.


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Source: Dustin Lance Black Official Instagram page

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