Dustin Milligan Twerks & Walks Around In Heels After ‘Celebrity Drag Race’ Appearance

Credit: Dustin Milligan

Dustin Milligan brought the looks, laughs and so much more during his appearance on RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race last week alongside fellow contestants Matt Iseman and Alex Newell

The Schitt’s Creek star seemed to fully embrace the world of drag just like many of the other stars who have appeared on the RPDR spinoff. He admitted to being the biggest super fan of the Emmy-winning series, channeled Monique Heart‘s way of saying, “OK?!” perfectly and easily read the living hell out of Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ross Mathews and RuPaul during the roast challenge.


He spoke about his experience in a truly poignant way on Saturday, May 9, just one days after his episode aired. “‘I see the man that you are’. 10 years ago, my partner said those words to me right when I needed to hear them most,” he wrote on Instagram while referring to his longtime girlfriend Amanda Crew. “I was depressed, full of insecurity and doubt, and most alarmingly, eating Subway almost every day — the ultimate rock bottom. But somehow, she saw through it all and loved me anyway.”


“And even though she probably didn’t realize that the man she saw would one day be asking her to go to Target with him to try on heels for @rupaulsdragrace, or to give him pointers while he vogued in those heels to ‘Cool For The Summer’ in the kitchen, or to rewatch season after season with him while he thought about voguing in those heels, she never once told me to stop, or said it was weird or unattractive, or in any way made me feel that by falling head over heels (in heels) for Drag, I was becoming less of a man,” he continued. “Because she knew, even before I did, that this was only allowing me to become more of myself…Also she loved how bad I was at voguing.”

“And while we sat on the secret of my participation in this show for almost a year and FINALLY got to watch it with the rest of you last night, the biggest moment for me didn’t happen up on screen. It was when I looked to this incredible woman sitting next to me on the couch — who not only had been there for me through my Drag journey of the last year, but through my *identity* journey of the last decade — and saw her beaming with genuine pride and love.” Aww!!!!


See? As RuPaul has said many times, Drag Race brings family and loved ones closer together. Oh, and here’s a snap of Matt as his drag character Bette Bordeaux. 

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