Dylan O’Brien Debuts in ‘Fantasmas’ Wearing Red Lingerie

Dylan O’Brien is starring as Dustin in the comedy series ‘Fantasmas’, and he debuted in the show, wearing nothing but a red lingerie set, which he looks sexy AF in. 😉


SPOILER incoming…

In Episode 5, the airline loses Dustin’s luggage, and for some reason he has to borrow his agent Vanesja’s (Martine Gutierrez) clothes. He then struts into the room in a red lingerie, looking stunning as he undergoes an existential crisis.

He then goes on and rants about the world’s rampant inequality, stating:

“I just feel like the world is so f**ked up.”


“I’ve been on this show for 15 seasons, and I make a shit-ton of money, have a house in Bali, a PlayStation… It kicks ass, but for what?,” O’Brien’s Dustin expressed about his acting career and TV series ‘Cunty Little Rich Kids: School of Magic’.

You can watch a video clip of the episode here:


Moreover, ‘Fantasmas’ is starring, created, directed, written, and executive produced by Julio Torres. A synopsis of the show via HBO reads:

“Julio Torres spins a fantastical six-part tale of when he lost a gold oyster earring. In his search to find the precious object, Julio reflects on the offbeat characters he encounters in introspective, often eerie, and always comedic vignettes set in a dreamy, alternate version of New York City. A kaleidoscope of color and surrealism, Fantasmas weaves together stories of people looking for meaning, purpose, and connection in an increasingly isolating world.”


‘Fantasmas’ is available for streaming on Max.

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