Dylan O’Brien Gets a Sexy New Look for Upcoming ‘Ponyboi’ Movie

Dylan O’Brien has been busy with his upcoming film ‘Ponyboi,’ and his sexy new look for the movie once again caused Twitter to go crazy (and thirsty).



And then we have the major THIRST tweets…

“Pls I can’t keep lusting over these men.”

“This man has done it for me ever since teen wolf, like I’m on my KNEES…”

“I’m straight but he can get it.”


The ‘Teen Wolf’ alum reacted to thirst tweets about him earlier this year in BuzzFeed’s Thirst Tweets video, and in an interview with Bustle, he also expressed his sentiments on being the “internet’s boyfriend” stating,

“It’s so funny, my palms are sweating. It’s overwhelming [and] it’s wonderful. It’s just gnarly to think about little me having this really special thing happen.”

Moving on to his upcoming film, ‘Ponyboi’s official synopsis reads:

“Ponyboi is an intersex runaway. He works at a laundromat and hustles as a sex worker. But after a mysterious encounter with a man from his dreams, he learns that perhaps he is worthy of leaving his seedy life in New Jersey behind.”


The movie is written by River Gallo and directed by Esteban Arango. Aside from O’Brien, ‘Ponyboi’ is also starring ‘YOU’ alum Victoria Pedretti, and it was filmed in Jersey City between October and November.


Moreover, ‘Ponyboi’ is based on the 2019 award-winning short film of the same title, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

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2 thoughts on “Dylan O’Brien Gets a Sexy New Look for Upcoming ‘Ponyboi’ Movie”

  1. love/lust this man-boy since Oct 2011 in the premier of Teen Wolf….there is no one else on this wicked planet that is BETTER !! GO DYLAN !!

  2. Dylan isn’t someone whose aging well. And there are way fewer people who still have nostalgia goggles for his Teen Wolf days and he wasn’t that hot to begin with except for girls. At least when they wanted Jensen Ackles, he’s fuckable – and he’s also at least aging well and still looks a bit fuckable as a DILF. Dylan’s going to end up like Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe, just never as fat as them since he has difficult gaining fat OR muscles.

    Where are our stories about cute guys who are still actually cute, like Matt Doyle, Elliott Fletcher, or even non-actor hotties who are still making news, like Tom Daley?


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