Dylan O’Brien Is Matched With A Daddy In New Sci-Fi Series “Weird City”

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YouTube is coming for Netflix!

Nowadays, the new frontier for Hollywood is to get a major streaming service up and running. DC comics and Warner Bros. opened up a new streaming service last year to compete with the Marvel Netflix shows.

But then ironically, Netflix pulled the plug on those shows, and officially canceled the Punisher and Jessica Jones earlier this week. Many believe this is because Disney is preparing to release its own streaming platform for all of its properties (including Marvel).

YouTube is no different than the rest, and it’s trying to make its own original content to compete. That’s where Weird City comes into play.

Weird City is a star-studded comedy series created under YouTube Red’s premium channel. The series is a sci-fi anthology series much like Netflix’s Black Mirror, but this one is focused more on the strange kind of humor and not the strange kind of thriller.

YouTube recently dropped the pilot episode of the series for free to tease internet users into wanting more (and paying for it). In this episode, we see two men getting connected by the ultimate dating algorithm.

These two men are Modern Family’s Ed O’Neil and Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien. The episode shows the two at first acting awkward around each other, but soon growing into a rhythm and solid cohabitation.

If you want to see it for yourself, you can watch the episode below.


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  1. The first 2 episodes are free

    The first 2 episodes are free.  The first episode with these guys in it was pretty good.  The second episode had a very annoying character..so irritating that I turned it off a few minutes in, so probably not the best creative choice.


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