Dylan O’Brien Opens Up About Having a Trans Non-binary Sibling

Dylan O’Brien recently opened up about having a trans non-binary sibling, as well as the significance of having queer people in his life.

The 32-year-old actor did an interview with Vulture, together with his ‘Ponyboi’ co-star and writer River Gallo, director Esteban Arango, and fellow cast members Victoria Pedretti and Indya Moore. 

“I have a trans, non-binary sibling and I know people in my personal life as well who are queer and I am so grateful for how much it deepens my experience in this world,” O’Brien stated.


Dylan seems to have a close relationship with his sibling Julz O’Brien, who often shares photos with their brother on Instagram. Julz even referred to the ‘Teen Wolf’ star as their “very first best friend.” 


Moreover, ‘Ponyboi’ premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. A synopsis of the film via Capital FM reads:

“‘Ponyboi’ tells the story of Ponyboi [River Gallo], a young, intersex sex worker who is on the run after a drug deal goes disastrously wrong.”

Meanwhile, O’Brien is portraying the character of Vinny, who is Ponyboi’s pimp and secret love interest. Aside from the widespread critical acclaim that ‘Ponyboi’ had gained, the actor was also announced as a main cast member of the upcoming film ‘SNL 1975’. 

O’Brien is set to portray the role of a “beloved ‘Saturday Night Live’ star”, and it is reportedly considered as “his biggest movie role yet,” as per CBR.

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