Dylan O’Brien Reacts to “Sick” Thirst Tweets

‘The Maze Runner’ star Dylan O’Brien is starring with Zoey Deutch in a satirical black comedy drama film entitled ‘Not Okay,’ and his makeover for the movie sent his fans into a frenzy.


In the film, the 30-year-old actor went blonde and had tattoos done for his character Colin who is described as a cringe white boy influencer. Let’s just say that the makeover plus his restroom s*x scene with Deutch, who plays the role of Danni Sanders, made viewers feel some things, hence, thirst tweets.

In an episode of BuzzFeed‘s Celebrity Reads Thirst Tweets, O’Brien reacted to some of his fans’ thirst tweets, and things got a lot more flustering than expected. The first few tweets that he read were a bit more tamed, and the actor even challenged them to give him “the real sh*t.”


He even joked to have one thirst tweet printed on an underwear. However, O’Brien went from laughing and clapping to the tweets, to saying, “Holy f**k. People are sick” while scrolling through the screen.

It got to the point where a tweet had the actor looking for his mom stating, “Can we get my mother in here for this? Like, why is she not here?”


O’Brien’s fans sure know how to make him hot, flustered, and laughing his a** off all because of their thirst tweets! 

On another note, his 2022 movie ‘Not Okay’ is now available for streaming on Hulu.

Source: buzzfeed.com

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