Hunky Dylan Sprouse Takes on the Role Of Male Escort In ‘Daddy’: Watch

Credit: Outfest

Dylan Sprouse has come a long way from his years on The Disney Channel. The 28-year-old has shown off a completely new side to him in a new short film called Daddy.


The movie, directed by Christian Coppola, also costars veteran actor Ron Rifkin. It centers on Sprouse playing the character of Paul, a male escort that Mr. Smith (Rifkin) hires to help him celebrate the anniversary of his wife’s death. 

And yes, Dylan does rock a pink taffeta dress during the film. It was originally made back in 2018 and was finally released earlier this week. 

“Instead of the plain-old daddy-gives-baby-takes relationship, the film subverts power dynamics, exploring love, desire, seduction, and death,” Interview Magazine wrote about Daddy.


“A fleeting moment scene inside the hotel’s elevator—a dolled-up guest muttering, ‘You and your daddy look very handsome tonight’—invites the audience to question their own assumptions, about both the characters and themselves. Humanity is a complex machine, and Coppola beautifully tackles it in less than 20 minutes.”

Dylan joins a long line of actors who have played male escorts. Others who have famously taken on this type of role include Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy, Richard Gere in American Gigolo and Dermot Mulroney in The Wedding Date.


Watch Daddy below:


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