Dyllón Burnside Wants Gay Men To Feel ‘Heaven’

Dyllón Burnside in ‘Pose’ / Image via FX

Dyllón Burnside wants you to know that gay intimacy is holy.

After finishing out his role as Ricky in the hit show Pose, Burnside decided to put more energy back into his music career. This includes the release of his latest single, “Heaven.” In “Heaven,” Burnside sings about gay sex and how intimacy between two men is a spiritual experience. Connected to that, the singer compares gay sex to religion and some Christian circle’s constant push against homosexuality. He argues that homosexuality is not a sin but holy and sacred like any other relationship.


Some of the lyrics read:

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time

 Feelin real cool like autumn nights

 When we get close I come alive

 Baby swing low, let’s get this right

 Take my, take my, take my hand

 Move that move that muscle man

 Can you can you feel that rush Baby baby it’s just us”


The lyrics continue:

“Wanna lift you up

 Underneath the lights

 Give you Holy love

 Make you feel like you’re in

 Heaven I’m trying to get you to Heaven

 Do you wanna go with me to Heaven

 I’m trying to get you to Heaven”

Dyllón Burnside then talked to PinkNews to discuss this perspective on spirituality and sexuality.


“I think queer artists, particularly male queer artists, have been asked to sort of castrate themselves in order to sell, for so long. It’s this censoring of male-on-male sexuality. I push back against that. And that’s what I’m saying with ‘Heaven’, is that sex between men is not dirty. It’s holy, it’s sacred, it’s pure. I can relate it to my relationship with God because for me, it’s a spiritual experience.”

He then adds, “Sex is all over ‘Heaven’. And I say it like that intentionally. Sex is all over heaven. Let’s be clear. So much of our lives is sex, and when we look at film and TV, and when we listen to music, sex is everywhere. It’s a natural part of our human experience. It would be disingenuous for me to not include sex in my music.”

Source: PinkNews,

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