E-cigarettes. A good choice?

I’m not a fan of smoking in general.  I’ll still drag myself to the bars that allow smoking inside, knowing that I will either have to shower when I get home or wake up with a smelly pillow.  So a little second hand smoke, stinky linens, or a cold shower after a night out are the prices we pay sometimes for a good time out or the opportunity to meet that "cough cough" special someone.  And what if that someone smokes?  Yes, I’ve “gotten to know” and even dated a smoker before, but it is still somewhat of a turn-off.

Now that e-cigarettes are out and about, are things better?  I think I’d honestly rather see a guy smoke a regular cigarette than an e-cigarette, something I equate to a portable hookah.  We all like quitters when it comes to smoking, but use the gum or a patch, not something that smells all pretty and seems to draw more attention than a man in high heels at a leather bar.   Other bloggers have received some grief when sharing their comments about e-cigarettes, but hey, that's their opinions.  It’s not like I said using an e-cigarette is like a person on a diet eating a steak and cheese sandwich in a lettuce wrap instead of bread.  No one sees that you are still sucking down the Velveeta for all they see is the lettuce.  It looks healthier, so it must be. Maybe it is like that.

I am sure there are many success stories from e-cigarettes both in the gay and straight communities.  Considering statistics, it looks like our community needs more help to quit smoking.

According to the American Lung Association, gay men are two and a half times more likely to smoke tobacco then heterosexual men, lesbians are twice as likely when compared to straight women, and bisexuals (men and women) have the highest risk of all. Without question, the prevalence of tobacco use among LGBT citizens substantially increases their health risks. So, naturally, we should want to encourage more people to transition to a healthier product. DailyCaller

So there, that article should have put me in my spot.  Don’t make fun of people trying to better themselves.  Tell that to NYC.  Last year, the city tried to put a ban on e-cigarettes in public places, just like regular cigarettes. 

The New York City Council argues that an e-cigarette ban is necessary to maintain standards set by the Smoke-Free Air Act, which prohibits smoking tobacco in virtually all indoor venues. The original purpose of the prohibition, as it was passed in 2002, was to “protect all New Yorkers from secondhand smoke and tobacco marketing, and discourage youth from ever starting the deadly habit,” according to The NYC Coalition for a Smoke Free City. DailyCaller

Should there be a ban of e-cigarettes for additional reasons?  Or at least a warning label that e-cigarettes may cause bodily harm?  After reading what occurred to a 48-year old e-cigarette user, maybe so.  The portable hookahs have been responsible for injuries, fires, and a death, the most recently incident left a man hospitalized for 9 days while he recovered from e-cigarette shrapnel in both of his legs.  For more of his ordeal and some not so pretty pictures of his injuries, go to dailymail.co.uk .  E-cigarette explosions have been pegged as the cause of one man losing his life in the U.K. as well as another man in Florida losing his teeth and suffering severe burns to his face.  Thank goodness they weren’t smoking a real cigarette or chewing gum or wearing a patch.  Just imagine what that could have caused. 

In my opinion, and it’s my blog, I think it’s a silly idea and just another activity and addiction to avoid all together and it looks pretty dumb.  Yes, it is good that they are trying to quit, but I see this being more so substituting one addiction for another.  Also, people have been injured from these new devices.  Yes, people have lost homes and lives to regular cigarette smoking, too.  And e-cigarette users are just like patch wearers and gum chewers, trying to quit but in a different fashion. 

If you want to know more about e-cigs and vaping, go to a quick article at USATODAY.com where they say …

The American Heart Association issued its first official policy recommendation on electronic cigarettes this week, saying they were a last-resort method of quitting traditional cigarettes.

What's your opinion?

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  1. I have been without “analog”

    I have been without "analog" (regular) cigarettes, and have been vaping for several months now. My health has improved considerably.

    • Agreed. His message is lost
      Agreed. His message is lost in his judgement and “superiority”. How about we’re all human and have vices, deal with it.


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