East Coast LGBT Nightclubs Are Ready To Dance Again – So When?

With summer looming and vacation plans being made, LGBT vacation destinations like Rehoboth Beach DE, Asbury Park NJ, and Fire Island on Long Island, NY are all eagerly anticipating one thing; when can we once again, hit the dance floors. While some of these destinations have received still somewhat mixed answers as recently as yesterday (New York City Mayor de Blasio confirmed that he would like to open New York City completely by July 1st, while Governor Cuomo is optimistically hoping for an earlier date), states like Delaware and New Jersey-and their LGBT businesses-remain in limbo.

Businesses like Paradise in Asbury Park, N.J. are prepping their signature pool deck for pool parties and (fingers crossed) their legendary Tea Dances, Diego’s Bar & Nightclub in Rehoboth Beach, DE continues work on “The Beach” area, and The Pines is prepping their legendary entertainment lineup. While work at these venues hums along towards the official Memorial Day seasonal kick-off, the availability of a timeline to reopen their officially businesses completely is still not being provided. 


Paradise Manager Joseph “JoJo” Crisci spoke with News 12 NJ recently and spoke strongly about wanting to provide the community and patrons with all of the amenities that Paradise (owned by legendary producer, songwriter & DJ Shep Pettibone) has available, including the multiple dance floors on the property.

Crisci also raised an extremely valid point on bringing people back to the nightclub and at the same time, helping their comfortability factor go back up in an environment we have not been in in over a year. “At this point you have to rip the Band-Aid off and get this thing started. Because how is life going to go back to normal? How are you going to feel normal going to a nightclub if you don’t start getting acclimated again?” Crisci said.


New York City nightlife notable Frankie Sharp, who (along with Alan Picus and Bob Fluet) is behind the soon -to-be-unveiled The Q in New York City, shared eloquent and honest words on why a return to dance floors everywhere is crucial; now more than ever;

“To be unhinged is a human desire that sometimes gets a bad rap as guilty pleasure, but to me it’s a magnificent chance to find the balance for yourself spiritually and soulfully. A dance floor is simply that idea harnessed. A dancefloor to me is the ultimate place of worship and the celebration of life. We all have gone through such trauma this last year, but we have also done so collectively. Lets all put that trauma on the dancefloor and leave it there for good…”

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