Easter Bunnies, Busting Moves, Beach Time & More

Diego Barros (image via Instagram)

Checking in with some of our favorite InstaHunks this week.

First up, Diego Barros (above) found his Easter costume early. 

International pop-star Ricky Martin (above) showed off his way cool new tattoo.

Shaun T busted some moves on “4-3-2-1 Day” (4/3/21) with his boo and cocktails:


Fitness guru Joel Green was hanging around Spain looking for a pick-up game:

Boy Butter spokesmodel Facundo Rodriguez shared some behind the scenes footage from the latest Boy Butter ad shoot:

Trans fitness guys Jesse Diamond and Shae Scott celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility:


The Griffopotamus offered this snap as his “serious” side:

‘Tree Man’ Danny Jones took all 6’7″ of his muscular self social fitnessing. Hey, leg day – we can see you…

Tom of Finland ambassador Terry Miller couldn’t find any leather that fit – or did he?


Giovanni (aka Buffet Papi) got his groove on jamming to Nicki Minaj:

Lance Bass and his boo Michael Turchin celebrated Easter in their own special way:

Pierre Vuala was having a “good day” when he snapped this, and it made our day that much better:

Furball Hunter Harden offers this wisdom for the ages: “Furry chest > comfy pillow.” We can’t argue with that…

According to Marco (aka Taxfighter), this is what accountants in Germany look like:

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