Ed Buck Has Finally Been Arrested For His Crimes

Image via YouTube | Dem donor Ed Buck arrested, charged with running drug den

Days After Outrage, Ed Buck Has Been Arrested For Operating A Drug House In WeHo

Whoa! It was just yesterday when Instinct reported prominent West Hollywood resident, Ed Buck, is being sued for his alleged crimes in the deaths/potential murder of two gay men while other men were still coming and going from his apartment. Yesterday evening, Buck, 65, was arrested from his residence and charged with operating a drug house. Buck is now being called a violent, sexual predator who seeks men struggling with addictions and who are homeless.


According to The Los Angeles Times, Buck didn’t stop his erratic behavior after the deaths of two, African-American men… who were found with overdoses in his apartment. Buck, is now, allegedly, is accused of battery, operating a drug den, and administering crystal meth into a 37-year-old man – just last week – which led to an overdose. The man miraculously survived after fleeing Buck’s apartment and calling the police at a local gas station. It’s a large rumor that Buck injects meth into his suitors as a fetish act; something the first man, 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, said in his journal shortly before his death.

Buck will be arraigned tomorrow and prosecutors are recommending his bail be set at $4M. If convicted, he will face up six years in prison.

Perhaps the most vocal critic of Buck, Jasmyne Cannick, took to Twitter as she learned of his arrest. She tells how active she has been in getting justice for Buck’s victims and the lives of black, LGBTQ people. Her Twitter is awfully exciting to watch this afternoon as she traveled to Downtown Los Angeles to see Buck in court. She’s currently tweeting updates. Here is one of her first from early this morning:


The story is currently garnering a lot of attention as Buck is a lump sum donor to the Democratic party and has been photographed with Hillary Clinton.

We’ll keep you updated on new details as they pour in.

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H/T: The Los Angeles Times

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