Egerton Dazzles, Dolly Confuses, Anti-Rainbow Emoji Perplexes, Courtney Kills It, Pride Fort Lauderdale & More!


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Internet Users Confused (& Amused) By New Anti-LGBT Emoji

Social media users are either condemning the emoji or making jokes with it.



Gay Bashing Victim Records His Own Assault

Homophobe punched the victim as he was being recorded


Tax Business Denies Service to Local Gay Couple

Religious Freedom Strikes Again in Indiana


Trump Wants To Make Being Gay Legal Worldwide?

New global initiative seeks to end criminalization of homosexuality


7th Graders Honored For Their Philly Gayborhood Short Film

"We have such a prevalent Gayborhood in Philadelphia, [we thought] it would be more interesting and more relevant to us."


Dolly Parton: Some Artists Come Out To Be 'Fashionable'

"They're just trying to find their way"


Death Almost Certain For Gay Teen in Sweden if Deported

"Apparently he was 'not able to describe the typical steps one goes through when realizing that they are gay.'"


Fort Lauderdale Prepares For Epic Pride Events This Week

Carson, Pepper, AirOtic, Todrick, Ada Vox, Dani Toro, & More!
"This is what freedom feels like."


When You Look Like a Daddy But Don’t Identify as One

A big issue for many men in our community


Taron Egerton Shows Off Impressive Singing Voice

The 'Kingsman' star does his own singing in upcoming Elton John flick


Model Michael Yerger’s Photo Shoot is Very, Very Yummy

Can’t hide our immunity idols.


Courtney Act Stuns on DWTS Australia

She earned the top score of the night with partner Josh Keefe.


MNEK Talks Debut Album, Meeting Beyoncé & Working With BTS

"She stepped through and said ‘Hey,’ and I was like ‘Wait … Oh, OK, hi!’”


New Music: Summer Daddy/Cub Romance "Slow"

He smiles + you smile = Provincetown passion


Travel Thursday: Alexandria, Virginia
Left of Center and Purely Awesome

From D.C. to Paradise in 20 Minutes.


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