Elderly Woman’s Final Wish Granted – A Giant Dick Statue!

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Imagine losing your grandmother and going over her final wishes, only to discover she requested something big, hard and absolutely hysterical. 

Catarina Orduna “Dona Cata” Perez passed away from natural causes in January 2021. It was only then that her family became forced to honor a specific condition in her will – Dona Cata wanted a huge, flesh-toned, erect penis mantled upon her gravestone. 


According to an interview with VICE, her grandson, Alvaro Mota Limon, stated that she made the absurd request in “recognition of her love and joy of life.” As stated in the interview, Dona Cata frequently (and lovingly!) referred to members of her family as verga, which can be translated to cock/dick. It appears the monument is a symbol of her dirty humor and perhaps the “joy of life” she’s speaking of means sex!

Last week, Dona Cata’s family finally completed the monument for her gravestone. The, ahem, touching moment was shared in a Twitter video below. 


The penis statue weights 600 pounds and stands at 5’6″ tall! Damn, that’s my height!

Also stated in the VICE interview, Dona Cata was very popular around the city of Misantla, Mexico. Political figures and important people often made an effort to stop by her home and see the wacky old lady. Because of her built-in cult following, her gravesite has been visited by hundreds of mourners.  

Rest in peace to a legend!

Source: VICE 

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