“Elevator Pitch” Releases First Ever All-Male Reality Dating Show Episode On Indian TV

The hosts of Elevator Pitch meet with the all-male contestants / Image via Twitter @MTVIndia

Just a few months after the country legalized gay sex, Indian tv has aired its first gay dating tv episode.

Back in September, India’s Supreme Court ruled that their British colonial law Section 377, which punished “carnal intercourse against the order of nature,” was unconstitutional.

Not only have Indian citizens been instantly changed by this court ruling, but so too has Indian entertainment.  In fact, now gay romance has finally been played on national television.

MTV India’s reality dating show Elevator Pitch recently released a beautiful video that spotlighted gay love.

In the video, 10 men tried to impressed one man, stylist and blogger Atmaj Vyas, in a situation much like speed dating. Each boy only gets a few floors worth of conversation in the elevator before they have to get off and lose out on (televised) love.

One contestant named Rahul Bharti even used the episode as the chance to come out as gay.

“It wasn’t easy,” Bharti told the Indian Express. “I still can’t believe I came out on national television.”

“It took time for my family to process everything but I know they will be fine. I am thankful to the show for giving me the platform,” he added.

This is just the latest of changes that have happened in India since the historic Supreme Court ruling. This MTV India episode comes out two months after initially banned gay film Ka Bodyscapes was freed of its censorship and started plans to play in limited theaters across the country.

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