‘Elite’ Actor Omar Ayuso Is Very Sensual in Recent Instagram Post

Omar Ayuso recently posted a painting on Instagram, and it just so happened to be of him in bed naked with his bottom showing. Let’s just say his followers were left thirsting after that… 😉


His caption reads:

““Paris hotel room”

Oil on canvas

182 x 152 cm / 60 x 72”



Commissioned work made by @josevivero_”

Meanwhile, here’s what’s happening on the comments section:

“Oh how delicious,” @eumailson wrote.


“I wanted to be in that bed,” @ninoroquemar expressed.

“Paint me like one of your french girls,” @yiyoportillo commented.

“Wow that’s amazing and hot,” @spyguy83 also wrote.

The painting in question is created by artist Jose Vivero, and you can check it out here:


Moreover, Ayuso identifies as gay. In an October 2023 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he opened up about coming out, as well as relating to his ‘Elite’ character Omar Shanaa.

“I’m gay, I come from a small town, I have an Arab background, my father is from Morocco, he’s not Palestinian, but he is from Morocco, and even though my family isn’t as conservative as his family and I didn’t have such a hard time coming out, I can relate to many things from that character,” he stated.


Ayuso further expressed about representing the LGBTQ+ community,

“Being an openly gay actor that is free in real life and in fiction is something that we need so much while growing up and also in our lives as adults. It’s role models that I didn’t have as much when I grew up, that my mother didn’t have at all. So being able to be that role model and to play that role model is something that is really special.”

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