‘Elite’ Alum Jaime Lorente Stars As a Closeted Gay Man in ‘Iron Reign’

Jaime Lorente is starring in Netflix’s new crime thriller series ‘Iron Reign’, which is also starring Eduard Fernández as Joaquín Manchad, Chino Darín as Víctor Julve and Natalia de Molina as Rocío Manchado, among other actors and actresses.

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Meanwhile, Lorente is playing the role of Néstor who is the husband of Rocío, as well as Joaquin’s son-in-law. Despite being married to the drug lord’s only daughter, Néstor is closeted and has a secret boyfriend named Alex, who is portrayed by Joel Bosqued.


SPOILER incoming…

One scene shows Néstor going to a gay party with various men hooking up. Not to mention, one of them just so happens to be gay adult film star Bastian Karim who can be spotted steamily making out with another man on the couch in the background.

You can watch the video clip here:


A synopsis of the show via Screen Rant reads:

“‘Iron Reign’ follows crime lord Joaquin Manchado, who spent 40 years building one of Spain’s greatest cocaine empires. His family and workers are loyal and committed, while his rivals both admire and respect him. However, when a priority shipment goes missing, Joaquin and his family are plunged into a deadly drug war.”

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Moreover, Lorente is known for his portrayals of Denver in ‘Money Heist’ and Nano in ‘Elite’. Now, you can watch him as Néstor in ‘Iron Reign’, which is available for streaming on Netflix.

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