‘Elite’ Alum Manu Ríos to Star in Netflix’s Upcoming Medical Series

Exciting news! Manu Ríos is set to star in an upcoming Netflix series, which is said to be a hospital drama titled ‘Respira’ (meaning “breathe” in English).

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The 24-year-old Spanish actor gained international fame after starring in the hit Netflix series ‘Elite,’ where his portrayal of Patrick Blanco quickly became a fan favorite character. In 2022, however, he decided to leave the show after Season 6 was released.


“I believe that everything that begins has its end. As an actor, you want to do different thing,” Ríos stated during an interview with Fotogramas.

He further expressed,

“Although Elite has been an incredible experience, and I am very grateful for everything it has brought, there are also times when it is necessary to move on from that stage, change the page, and do other things.”

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And that time has come, as he recently starred in the Netflix show ‘Muted,’ and now he is joining the cast of ‘Respira,’ which is also from ‘Elite’ creator Carlos Montero. 

“With Respira we want to recover the great hospital dramas but with a fiercely contemporary look that we will push to the limit. We believe that this is the perfect moment to defend the almost heroic work of our [doctors], to tell about their dedication, their frustrations, their joys, and to know that despite everything, they continue to watch over us. Even if they have to go on strike without precedents,” the Spanish screenwriter explained during an interview with El Español.

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Not to mention, the medical drama seems like it would have a hint of sexy to it, as it will reportedly navigate “romantic connections.” According to the outlet:


“The show is set to follow Biel, one of the residents of a public hospital in Valencia, Spain, as he navigates various patients, long hours, romantic connections and an impending hospital strike.”

Moreover, Montero revealed via an Instagram post that filming for ‘Respira’ will kick off very soon, so stay tuned!

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