‘Elite’ Star André Lamoglia Opens Up About LGBTQ+ Representation

André Lamoglia is famously known for playing the role of ‘Elite’s Iván Carvalho, who is a bisexual character in the Spanish Netflix series.

(c) Instagram: @andrelamoglia

In an interview with Extra Globo, the 26-year-old Brazilian actor opened up about the importance of representation as someone who is portraying a queer character.


“It is very important that, increasingly, audiovisual works have themes with inclusivity in mind. Representation with regard to LGBTQIA+ themes has grown and should grow even more, people have the right to feel seen, and have legitimization, in any way possible, that this recognition is only natural,” he expressed.

Lamoglia continued,

“After all, there is nothing wrong with your sexual orientation, whatever it may be.”

(c) Instagram: @andrelamoglia

Moreover, he teased viewers as to what to expect from the upcoming season of ‘Elite’.

“The season gains a new rhythm with each passing episode and, as always happens in ‘Elite’, it will leave you trapped in the story. I can’t give too many spoilers about what happens to Iván, but I anticipate that one of the important points that mark his life has to do with the consequences of the void left after his father dies in such a brutal way, that he also moves away from his boyfriend…,” the actor revealed.

Lamoglia further shared,

“And I can tell that a big secret will be revealed. Well, I think I said more than I should (lol), I’m suspicious, but it’s worth following this launch.”


‘Elite’ Season 7 is set to return on Netflix on October 20.

Source: extra.globo.com

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