‘Elite’ Star Manu Rios Shares Behind-the-Scenes Bond with Pedro Pascal

As you probably know by now (or not), Manu Rios is starring alongside Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke in the upcoming queer Western short, ‘Strange Way of Life.’

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That’s no news, but the tea is that the ‘Elite’ breakout star and ‘The Last of Us’ actor became close off-camera while shooting for the film. In a recent interview with Variety at the Met Gala, Rios shared that most of his scenes are with both leading men, but off-screen —


“I spent a lot of time with Pedro. He’s the best. It was pretty hot because we shot in the desert in the south of Spain, so it was a lot of time without doing anything and just talking.”

The 24-year-old Spanish actor added,

“He’s a really funny guy. It was so much fun.”

He also said that he hasn’t spoken to Pascal about appearing on ‘The Mandalorian,’ however, Rios is game if the offer is on the table. 


“I would do it, of course, whenever he wants,” the ‘Elite’ alum offered.

And as for his favorite superhero world, he revealed:

“My favorite one I would say is Spider-Man.”

Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Strange Way of Life’ is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and Rios will be present at the prestigious event. The screening will then be followed by a conversation with Almodóvar and his filmmaking team.


In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here:

Source: variety.com

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