‘Elite’ Stars Manu Ríos and André Lamoglia are Steamy off set, too

Manu Ríos and André Lamoglia played the role of the hot couple Patrick Blanco and Iván Carvalho in Netflix’s hit Spanish series ‘Elite’.

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In fact, the two of them make for one of the viewers’ favorite couple, which was why the fans were saddened after Ríos left the show at the end of Season 6. Despite that, they have developed a close friendship off-screen, even posting photos of each other on social media every now and then.


In a 2022 interview with GQ Brazil, Lamoglia talked about his working relationship with the 24-year-old Spanish actor, and how the two of them work comfortably while still radiating that steamy chemistry, especially during their intimate scenes.

“[Ríos] received me very well, and the fact that we get along is great for, at work and on stage, you have a certain intimacy, a certain chemistry. It was a friend I gained here on the project,” the 25-year-old Brazilian actor expressed.

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More recently, one of Ríos’ Twitter fan page posted a photo of the ‘Elite’ couple as they were reunited for a friendly dinner date. According to the post, the two hotties spent time together in Madrid where they had dinner at a trendy restaurant.


In the photo, Ríos and Lamoglia sit closely with each other, and both of them are focused on the former’s phone. You can see them reunited here:

Sources: gq.globo.com

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