Elle Hungary’s Latest Issue Features Gay Love Story

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ELLE Magazine in Hungary takes the fight for LGBT rights to the forefront and fearlessly showcases equality in a move that could see the popular source face several repercussions.

ELLE Hungary is gearing up to release its September issue, one that is about to set history in the country as it will feature a gay couple with their infant child on the cover. Showcased on said cover are restaurant guru Hubert Hlatky Schlichter, age 44, acclaimed neurosurgeon Laszlo Szegedi, age 48, and the married couple’s baby. 

Photo Credit: @ellehungary on Instagram

This is a ballsy yet respectable move by ELLE, given that Hungary is one of the countries that still supports restrictions against gay people. Anti-gay rhetoric is mostly fueled by the country’s Prime Minister, Viktor Mihály Orbán. Gay marriage and gay adoption are still illegal there, and trans people face even worse discrimination from the government. 

If you remember, Hungary also made headlines in July 2023 for fining a bookstore the equivalent of $36,000 for having copies of Heartstopper on the shelves. 

ELLE is proudly telling its 23,000,000 worldwide readers that love is love. 


In a statement put to print by Los Angeles Blade, ELLE comments on their decision by saying: 

On the cover of our latest issue, we present a Hungarian rainbow family: we can get to know the story of their becoming a family, their honest and loving everyday life with their little girl, Hannabell. Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter and Dr. László Szegedi confess honestly about the difficulties and prejudices they had to face as a gay couple at home and how fate-changing the arrival of their daughter was for them. With their story, we want to send a message to everyone who has felt that they or their loved ones have been attacked more recently: you are not alone, and there is a positive scenario!

We hope that with our current issue, even if on a small scale, we contribute to the acceptance of rainbow families, and manage to give inspiration, encouragement and support to the many thousands of readers who share the same values with us. The slogan of our cover page sums up our message beautifully: Born from Love, because families, regardless of their structure, are rooted in deep, unconditional love. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #BornFromLove to campaign for all forms of love and family across the country!


The support is definitely appreciated!

Props to ELLE for their fearless support of “rainbow families” and I hope the publication doesn’t face too much backlash for featuring this historic moment. This showing of solidarity means so much to the youth growing up and adults fighting for freedom in Hungary. 

Also, boo Prime Minister Viktor Mihály Orbán… And am I the only one can smell this article???

Source: Los Angeles Blade, Reuters

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