Ellen DeGeneres Climbs In The Ratings … But Not Everyone Is Celebrating

It looks like Ellen DeGeneres’ troubles are now far behind her, or are they?


Despite a very difficult past few months in which the day time talk show host faced multiple accusations of fostering a toxic workplace environment, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is regaining its ratings, climbing up again in its second week.

Though some outlets are reporting that the show has suffered a 37% drop, that assessment is misleading because it is comparing the ratings of her show’s season premier two weeks ago, to her premier-week numbers from last year. Currently she’s gaining in the ratings and among a newer, and younger demographic than before the scandal broke.

Over the summer, there was high speculation that DeGeneres would be replaced, or perhaps the show would come to an end altogether if it were unable to survive the deluge of the unfavorable press. The countless staff members and even celebrities sharing personal stories of awkward Ellen encounters, appeared to start swaying public opinion against her. Many questioned if her ‘queen of nice’ persona was just a facade.

The Ellen Show returned with debut guest Tiffany Haddish:


DeGeneres finally attempted to stop her show’s flaming free-fall by addressing the troubles, apologizing, and promising to do better by her staff members. There were a few terminations too, though some argued that Ellen only fired people as scapegoats to shift the blame from her own professional negligence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On Friday’s episode of the ‘Naughty but Nice with Rob” podcast, I joined host Rob Shuter to catch up, and dish on Ellen’s big ratings boost. Rob shared his exclusive scoop but also that not everyone is celebrating the show’s return to success. In fact, his sources revealed some staffers are concerned that Ellen is being “rewarded for her alleged bad behavior” and may be emboldened to exhibit even worse antics now.

What do you guys think? Is Ellen Degeneres sincere in her promise to create a better work environment on her show, or is she destined to be forever branded the Cruella Deville of day time talk show hosts?

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