Ellen DeGeneres Has The Gays Eyerolling Once Again!

Ellen DeGeneres Has The Gays Eyerolling Once Again!


She Can Help If You’re Accused Of Supporting Or Being A Homophobe!

We’re all aware that comedian Kevin Hart bit the big one after old tweets of his bold homophobia were showcased. Yes, I understand his tweets are over a decade old and he has apologized since. However, his tweets got him fired from hosting the 2019 Academy Awards, only because he wouldn’t apologize. Instead of choosing to sincerely apologize, arguably for the final time, he was removed as host. Rightfully so, this is an entirely new era and every horse must be beaten to death if you’ve messed up in the public eye; he should have known that – or hired someone intelligent enough to tell him. Yet, that didn’t stop television host and overall LGBTQ icon, Ellen DeGeneres, from inviting him on her show and proclaiming he should be asked to host the Academy Awards all over again as if nothing happened. Basically, she foolishly decided to speak for all LGBTQ people and claimed forgiveness, accompanied by much audience applause (which consisted of mainly heterosexual women in their 40s). Yes Ellen, the ones who have lives that exist beyond social media outrage are going to move on and forgive Hart, but no one asked you to speak for everyone. It turns out, she’s doing it again!

You may have become familiar with a recent viral news story this week. LGBTQ Activist and Actress Ellen Page, who has not yet denounced her former director, Bryan Singer, after his decade long series of allegations, was up in arms on Twitter over Guardians of the Galaxy actor, Chris Pratt, speaking on the love of his church – which is “infamously anti LGBTQ”. I would love to have Page’s back more, but again, she’s quiet when it comes to child sexual abuse, so she will never get a pass from me. Pratt came to his own defense on social media and he had support of DeGeneres, 61, over her Ellen Show Twitter account, tweeting Pratt multiple plugs amid the small social media outrage on the stance of his church. Here’s the tweet which got some underwear in a twist:




I understand not all gay people are going to think the same. Hell, I don’t have much in common – opinion wise – with the majority of my social circle. DeGeneres’ track record obviously indicates she’s done great things for the LGBTQ community. Coming out in the 90s on Oprah Winfrey’s show and the TIME Magazine cover are stand outs. She’s forever a trailblazer in the LGBTQ community. But, as she schooled Cailtyn Jenner on LGBTQ rights, DeGeneres needs to be schooled on LGBTQ opinions. I agree with an article from The New York Times, heavily suggesting she’s just another fabricated Hollywood producer product, when in reality, she’s a “real person”. If you’ve followed my articles on Instinct, you’d know I work in Hollywood. An old coworker of mine worked for DeGeneres’ talk show and proclaimed she was a cruel monster and a “yeller” behind the scenes. Also, this tweet promoting Pratt could’ve been scheduled in her show’s loop for weeks. The timing is just convenient and very skeptical. Like, how do these things slip through the cracks in a time when blogs and viral outrage is the new norm?! Jeez. If it wasn’t herself, someone behind the scenes was setting her up for a controversy.


It must be tiring having to be this upbeat, wonderful ray of sunshine constantly because we don’t anticipate DeGeneres to make any mistakes. She does, she’s human. I’m not going to hold it against her that she’s been loosely defending homophobia while promoting forgiveness and whatnot, but it does seem as if she’s getting plenty of drama with her own community. My eyebrows are raised, are yours?

Check out some tweets below from other’s who are a little curious to DeGeneres’ solidarity with the LGBTQ community amid her recent questionable acts:










Writer’s Note: This is the opinion of one Instinct Magazine Contributor and does not reflect the views of fellow contributors or Instinct Magazine itself.

7 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres Has The Gays Eyerolling Once Again!”

  1. OMG – has our community gone

    OMG – has our community gone off the rails or what?  We want total equality from others but don't wanna play by the same rules ourselves. I personally found Kevin Hart's comments repugnant. But I also find it repugnant when the LGBTQA community has 'preferences' and 'privileges' that are equally prejudicial. I also believe we cannot ask more of people than the constitution allows of people. Chris Pratt's associations are his right by the US constitution. When his church takes a stance against our community and our constitutional rights THAT is what we should be concerned with. The cultural war has led us down a rabbit hole to the point where we now feel it's righteous to confront people's associations. It is not. And when we deal in preferences and privileges, others will too to our disadvantage. That's how the game is played!



  3. Let me start by saying that I

    Let me start by saying that I would not be here at Instinct were it not for clicking on a link. I have not been here for months. Now that I am, I find this article hysterical.

    I would post in the comments section once in a while, then things went South. I began to have my posts deleted by Instinct staff. I wrote to them to find out why. I received a copied and pasted reply about how this is a community and that is what people are encouraged to participate in. It also very clearly reminded me that they do not tolerate hate speech of any kind.

    This is where the problem came in. There was no hate speech. There was however a difference of opinion – popular opinion. You see, I had a different view in some instances than the majority of the people, so I posted them. That apparently was not Okay.


    INSTINCT: “BobR! We do delete comments that attack others, insult others, bully others, generalize judgments and hatred against others based on race, gender, identity, etc, may it be toward our writers, our readers, or people in the community.  We cannot catch them all.  Use this space to have a conversation instead. 

    Please send your complaints to me about deleting messages.



    ME: “deleted again? why not let the readers see what I wrote and the responses made by the writer that were here earlier? let them decide.

    If it is found to be so offensive, delete my account. This kind of censorship I want nothing to do with.

    BTW, conversations can only happen when people's comments aren't being one-sidedly deleted.


    YOU show me where the bulling, attack, whatever completely unreasonable comment is…”


    That never happened. 


    I asked them to delete my account. That didn’t happen either, obviously!


    If what I had to say was so bad, why not delete my account? Why not show me where my comments were so bad that they had to be removed, especially since I was asking them to do so?


    I won’t come back again. I just thought it was ironic that this story is pointing out how one person or group does not speak for everyone. That was my entire point originally, but I was silenced for it.


    Farewell to all of the hypocrites employed by Instinct.

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  5. Ellen seems to believe that

    Ellen seems to believe that forgiveness requires ignoring sad realities. One cannot support human dignity while promoting an agency that vehemently rejects the inherent dignity of all humans. She and Pratt have no understanding of this.

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